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Sexual Rejection's Effect On Marriage
by Marie Wellmond
I casually mentioned a trip my husband and I took to a bed and breakfast and she started sobbing. I reached out and took her hand, waiting until she had calmed down before I asked her to share with me what was wrong. Read more...

Help! I'm Bored In My Marriage
by Marie Wellmond
"I'm bored." I Googled those words and there were 184,000,000 results. If you're bored, you're in good company. Read more...

Should You Stay Married For Your Children?
by Joe Beam
“I know it would be wrong to stay married for the sake of my children.” “Really? Who told you that?” “Several of my friends.” “I don’t mean to sound offensive, but what makes them experts on the matter?” Read more...

How to Communicate in Marriage (Minus the Clichés)
by Joe Beam
Is communication as important in marriage as you keep hearing from well-meaning friends and pop culture? And is all communication helpful or can some of it actually harm a marriage or romantic relationship? Read more...

Are Soul Mates Real?
Do you have a soul mate out there searching for you while you search for him as well? Where does this idea come from and is there any truth to it? Read more...

Is Your Marriage Over?
Last night at church a gentleman I didn’t know stopped me and without preamble said, “My wife divorced me but not for a Biblical cause. May I get married again?” Read more...

Help! I'm Not Attracted To My Overweight Spouse!
Question: "I love my husband and always will but I no longer want to make love to him because of the way he has let himself go. I know it's a sin not to want to be with my husband because of his weight, but I can't help it. What do I do?" Read more...

What's the Problem?
by Dale Sadler
We must change our focus if our marriages are to improve. What can be done to make your life what you hope? Look to the solution. Read more...

Marriage Help, Enrichment and Advice

That's what you'll find at Marriage Radio. We provide resources to help build marriage relationships into strong, vibrant and lasting partnerships. Marriage radio is an exciting place for married couples to find enrichment resources. We will provide information on our marriage seminars, articles, message forums, books and other resources to help strengthen your marriage.

We also provide helpful resources for singles in addition to married couples because we feel that preparation for marriage is vitally important. Marriage problems are often the result of unrealistic expectations, having a self-serving attitude going into marriage and a misunderstanding of real commitment.

As visitors increase to Marriage Radio, we'll add a message forum that we want to be the highlight of the web in terms of a forum for discussion on premarriage and marriage relationships.

We can't wait. In the meantime, if your marriage needs help visit Marital Problems, Marriage Help or Good Marriage.


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