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How to Be the Hero of Your Marriage

Dr. Joe Beam will be joined by his wife, Alice, for this special program as they discuss “How to Become the Hero of Your Marriage,” and how Alice was the hero of their marriage when she took Joe back after their 3 year divorce.

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Couple Seeking To Undo Divorce Get Rejected

Should those irreconcilable differences suddenly become reconcilable, don’t go looking to get un-divorced in New Hampshire. The state’s Supreme Court this month upheld a lower court ruling refusing to vacate a New Castle couple’s 2014 divorce after 24 years of marriage.

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Learning To Trust Again

If you are the spouse who has been hurt – or the spouse who did the hurting – there are key principles for building trust again in your relationship. The hurt spouse often feels anger, pain, fear, doubt, anxiety, and helplessness.

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Why Your Spouse Loves Another (Understanding Limerence)

How can the person who was once in love with you now be in love with someone else? Why is s/he no longer the person that you fell in love with? Why has s/he become someone that you hardly recognize? How can s/he seem to no longer care about me? About our children? About our life together?

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How To Tell A Good Marriage Counselor from a Useless One

In this program Joe Beam offers suggestions on how to tell a good marriage counselor from one who is useless and from those who are destructive to your marriage. Be sure to have something ready to take notes. Of course, you can listen to the program again later to pick up the nuances you may have missed.

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