Avoid This Communication Mistake!

argument-238529_1280Want to truly communicate? Be Understood? Understand?

If so, there is one thing you MUST STOP from occurring in your conversations that matter AND USE a simple yet powerful system that will make it so much easier to understand and be understood.

In this program Dr. Joe Beam explains why writing (especially texting and emails) don’t work when you need to talk about things that matter. He also explains why phone calls usually don’t work well either.

Then how do you communicate?

Dr. Beam shares his simple, yet powerful, “Triple A Engine” that turns frustrating conversations into unique interactions that meld two people together. He explains it and illustrates it so you can use it when discussing everything from money…hurt emotions…and even sexual disagreements when one partner wants something the other doesn’t want to do.

This same “Triple A Engine” works with your friends, children, parents, or anyone else with whom you need to communicate on more than a casual level.

It is an especially important communication system for romantic love and marriage. If you are in love, want to be in love, or trying to rescue lost love, this system can lead you to levels of understanding, closeness, and intimacy that few people ever reach.

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