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Is Equality Ruining Your Marriage?

New research at the University of Illinois examined data on nearly 1,500 men and 1,800 women between the ages of 52 and 60 and found that couples who resist traditional gender roles, or who shoot for a so-called equal marriage, are less happy than those who swim with the tide.

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My Wife Won’t Talk To Me

Though it’s often a complaint we hear from a wife that her husband won’t talk, we often receive a request for help from a husband who says, “My wife won’t talk to me.”

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Faith or Fear?

If you believe something can happen, it will. If you doubt success, it won’t come. You hear many well meaning Christians say, “Have faith. Believe God will save your marriage and He will.” But…is that really how it works?

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How to Get Your Spouse to Keep Falling in Love

In this program Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes explain the first step on the LovePath…the step that many people forget over time and, as a result, either start falling out of love with their spouses OR their spouses start falling out of love with them.

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Boundaries in Marriage

When should you set a boundary in your relationship? Is setting a boundary the same thing as controlling the other person? Are you entitled to any privacy in marriage? Live, tonight beginning 9 p.m. Central here. Listen on your computer or on your Smartphone by calling (646) 378-0424 after 9 p.m. Central (Press 1 if you want to ask a question!). MORE

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