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How To Teach The One You Love to Lie To You

Hand holding wedding ringWhether it’s done by your best friend, your child, or your spouse, it hurts when we discover that we’ve been lied to, doesn’t it?

No one that I know of likes being deceived. Even in affairs, I often hear the spouse who was cheated on say something such as, “As much as the affair hurt, it hurt me even more that s/he lied to me!”

Would it surprise you to know that sometimes the person who lied to you did so because you taught him/her to lie to you?Read More

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The First Step To Take To Save Your Marriage

It can be completely overwhelming to know where to start when trying to save your marriage. Where do you start? What is the most important thing you can do?

What should you do FIRST?

Join Kimberly Holmes as she shares how she stopped her marriage from ending in crisis…and teaches you a step by step plan on how to do that in your own marriage.… Read More


How to reconcile a marriage: Getting back together is tougher than you think

What do you do when you’ve had major problems in your marriage and now want to try to reconcile?

It’s tougher to accomplish than most people think.

It’s great when a couple decides to put a marriage back together. However, without a valid understanding of what caused the trouble (and that usually means MUCH more than the final issue that became the focus of the marriage problems), many couples who try to reconcile run headlong into a wall of pain and frustration.… Read More


When To Let Go Of A Marriage

For many years we’ve been helping people salvage marriages that appeared absolutely hopeless…not only salvage their marriages but make them good again…most better than they were before.

That is why we exist. Our purpose is to help couples in trouble find a new way, see each other in a different light, discover a path to love again.… Read More


How to Reconcile a Marriage After Major Trouble

wedding-rings-171463_1280(SCROLL DOWN FOR SHOW!) Ready to reconcile your marriage after a major problem? Or maybe you want to know how to reconcile your marriage if you can get past your current problem.

In this program we will talk about how the expectations some have about reconciliation are not the same as the reality of what it will take to reconcile, what happens during reconciliation, and what your relationship will be like after you’ve put your marriage back together.… Read More


The Power of Prayer

Tonight on Marriage Radio, we’re going to talk about a very special subject…and I know not everyone is going to be interested in the topic.

That’s okay.

If you have ever wondered in the middle of your marriage crisis, “Where is God during all of this?”

“Why is God not answering my prayers?”

“Do my prayers even work?”

…then tonight’s radio show is for you.… Read More


How To Know When To Divorce

Divorce isn’t something to be thrown around lightly. Know what you’re doing before you do it. It’s one of the hardest questions you’ll ever struggle with answering.

“How do I know when I should file for divorce?”

You definitely don’t want to file before you need to, but you also don’t know how to respond if your spouse threatens divorce.… Read More


Why Your Pills May Be Making You Angry: Statins Linked to Aggression in Women


  • Some medicines can may make you aggressive, suicidal or even homicidal
  • Includes drugs for high cholesterol, asthma or acne, or even the Pill
  • Researchers found that taking statins can make some women violent

When you take a commonly prescribed drug for a physical condition such as high cholesterol, asthma or acne, or even the birth control Pill, you may be alert for signs of physical side-effects.… Read More


6 Marriage Milestones That Can Make or Break a Couple

bride-690292_12801. Having a Child

According to marriage expert Joe Beam, the first crisis in most marriages is the birth of their first child.

Though it’s tempting to nurture our children above our marriage, statistics tell us that children in homes with parents in strong marriages are more successful, mentally stable and have more self-esteem on average than children in homes with parents in weak relationships.… Read More

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