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The 3 Phases of Limerence (Being Madly in Love)

When Dr. Tennov introduced the concept in the 1970s, it was mostly rejected. We encounter marriage counselors who have never heard of it. But the research is solid. PhD’s including anthropologists and biologists and more study it, even having brain scans that teach us much...


How To Have Great Sex!

Great marriages have great sex. Not just sex. Not just good sex. Great sex! As Dr. Beam earned his PhD through the University of Sydney (rated one of the top 50 universities in the world), he concentrated his research on the correlations between sexual satisfaction...


When and How To Move On From a Marriage

Can every troubled marriage be saved? We believe nearly all can. However, not all will. Sometimes one spouse does all s/he can to save the marriage. They learn, put into practice the right things, make right the things they did wrong, demonstrate remarkable love, patience,...


Answers To Your Relationship Questions

Rather than starting with a theme or subject as he usually does, in this program Dr. Joe Beam opens the microphone for callers on any subject or area of relationships. Love, sex, dating, rescuing lost love, salvaging a troubled marriage, parenting, or any other subject...


How An Affair Affects Children

If you have an extramarital affair, you can ruin your child’s chances for having happy love when s/he is grown. No matter what age the child is when you have the affair, even if your “child” is now old enough to be in college.


Should I Put Up With This From My Spouse?

Several crucial questions have come in about how to deal with spouses doing destructive things. In this program, we will deal with questions such as: “What do I do if my spouse keeps lying? Are all lies the same? Do I react to all of them the same way? Should I set traps to catch him / her in the lies?” and other such questions that will be answered on this episode of The Joe Beam Show.


How To Really Communicate in Marriage

Ever wish you could really understand what your spouse is saying…you hear the words, you respond, and s/he reacts in a completely different way than you expected. You know you aren’t communicating clearly with each other but it doesn’t make sense to you why you...


When To Let Go Of A Marriage

For many years we’ve been helping people salvage marriages that appeared absolutely hopeless…not only salvage their marriages but make them good again…most better than they were before. That is why Marriage Helper exists. Our purpose is to help couples in trouble find a new way,...

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