How to Heal From the Loss of Loved One (and More)

women-at-counselingWhen you love deeply, it hurts to lose that love. Whether the person you love dies, abandons you, cheats on you, turns on you, or continues to live in the same house but with no love shown, you will find yourself in the powerful grasp of grief.

We see it with people whose spouses fall in love with someone else. We witness it in a straying spouse who decides to come home but now has to deal with the loss of the other relationship. We feel our hearts break when it is a child struggling to understand why a parent isn’t there any longer. We hurt for the parent who loses a child to death (or anyone who loses a loved one to death).

Is there hope? Can life be good again?

Yes. There is a process. It works.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam brings on special guest David Matthews. Along with his wife Debbie, he founded Spark of Life in 2008. Spark of Life exists to instill hope that, though life can never be the same after loss, life can be rich and fulfilling. Among other resources, they offer Grief Recovery Retreats to those who have experienced loss.

David and Debbie are also certified leaders of Dr. Beam’s intensive weekends for marriages in trouble.

During this live call-in program, David will explain the process for dealing with loss of love so that life can again be full. He and Dr. Beam will also take callers who are dealing with the loss of love…from losing a spouse, to losing a parent, to losing a child, to losing a lover…or whatever loss you are experiencing or have experienced. Call live beginning at 9 p.m. Central time, Tuesday, November 16 by dialing (646) 378-0424.

If your children are suffering loss just as you are – (for example, the other parent has left) – invite them to listen to the program with you. After the program, you can find the recording on this page or on iTunes by subscribing free to Marriage Radio. Share the recording link with anyone you believe will benefit from this.

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