How to Overcome the Pain of Being Left

woman-face-wedding-ringHer husband left her after thirty years of marriage. She feels lost. She wonders if her life is over. She doesn’t know if she can ever be happy again.

In the first podcast in this two-part series, Dr. Joe Beam brought in his special guest David Mathews, Director of SparkOfLife.Org. David is an expert in helping people deal with loss – any kind of loss, including the death of a loved one. The principles he provided in that podcast “Life Feels Hopeless After My Spouse Left” laid the foundation for this program. In this broadcast, David and Dr. Beam discuss practical, doable processes to help her – and you – deal with the loss and find healing for her life.

That doesn’t mean that she has to give up on her marriage. As Dr. Beam teaches in many podcasts, there is a process that can work to bring back the abandoning spouse and make the marriage good again. Even better than it was. Yet…it isn’t a guarantee. It is an amazing process. If anything works, this will work. Three out of four couples who attend Marriage Helper’s intensive three-day workshop salvage their marriages and develop them to be better than they were before.

Three out of four. But that’s not four out of four.

The practical information you will hear in this podcast will help you find healing and grow on to a meaningful and fulfilling life whether your spouse comes back or not.

It’s not magic. It takes work. But the result is again having a life of happiness.

If you haven’t listened to part one “Life Feels Hopeless After My Spouse Left,” we suggest you find that podcast and listen to it first. As you listen to this one, take notes, think through the power of the process you will learn, and then put it into action.

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