In Love With Another Man – A Wife’s Story

women-at-counselingWhat does it feel like? How does a person get into this situation? Why is she in love with another man who is not her husband?

In this program, a brave woman who is living with her husband but still “deeply in love” with another man tells her story. She is willing to answer questions and talk about her difficult situation.

She wrote, “I have been madly in love with a man I work for for 4 years now and even though I ended things in March and asked my husband to move back, I still feel as much in love as ever. Not a single day has gone by in four months that I haven’t cried missing him and then feel overwhelming grief…I wouldn’t wish this feeling of helplessness on my worst enemy!”

Because of the sensitivity of this program – and to protect her from callers who may not be kind – no calls will be taken during this program. Instead, you can ask your question or make your comment by emailing before the show airs. (Make sure your comments or questions are emailed at least one hour before the program begins at 9 p.m. Central time.)

If you are a regular listener to this program, you’ve hear Dr. Beam discuss limerence. In this program you will hear from someone in limerence with another person than her husband about how it feels, how it begins, and how strong an impact it has.

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