Is It A Sin To Refuse Sex To Your Spouse?

fixing a marriage“Why don’t churches talk about sexual refusal?” he asked.

He explained that his wife of 28 years quit being sexual with him some six years ago. She said she wasn’t interested. He asked her to seek help; she replied that it was his problem.

Now he’s had enough. He’s divorcing her. She’s telling the folks at church that she has no idea why he’s divorcing her and that he’s a bad husband. He wants to go to those folks and tell them what’s really going on.

What should he do? Is there a solution?

In this program Dr. Joe Beam relies not just on his PhD earned while researching marital and sexual satisfaction, but also on his Bachelor’s degree and many hours of graduate courses in Bible. He explains what the Bible says about sexuality in marriage and points out a specific section that addresses directly the subject of sexual refusal in marriage.

Dr. Beam points out to the caller that there may be an underlying problem that led to her not wanting to have sex with him…but that the man is correct that the Bible teaches sexually fulfilling each other (1 Corinthians 7:5). How does a couple resolve those issues? In this program, you’ll learn the basic principles as well as how to find further help for making the sexual aspects of your marriage more fulfilling.

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