Kids Whose Parents Split (or Fight) Ask “What About Me?”

divorce-156444_1280You know they’re thinking it, even if they don’t say it out loud.

“What about me? Does anyone care about my hurt? My fear? My future?”

You can help these kids. The first step is easy. Tell us your story if you lost a parent to divorce or death. We’ll use it to help kids.


To help parents realize the hurt. To inform those in positions to help if only they understand the deep pain.

One of the greatest fears of any child is losing a parent. Not just to death, but by the family splitting up. We are starting a new department within our nonprofit just to help kids (and their parents) when the family is no longer intact. Kids whose Dad or Mom left. Kids whose parent died. Kids raised by others than their parents.

We need your personal experiences so that we can use your words to help children whose parents are fighting, divorcing, or divorced.

In the program, Dr. Beam asks that anyone who has lived through their parents’ divorce (or is living through it now) to call and tell how it affected you then and affects you now.

Please note that we will record your quotes and use them to help our new project to help kids. We won’t use your name unless you tell us we can. If you are under 18, please call with your parent with you so that s/he can give us verbal permission to record you and use your quotes.

If you are married and seeing the effect on your children by your spouse’s wanting out of the marriage, please call and tell us about it. If when you were a child your parents divorced – or even if they stayed together and fought constantly – please call and tell us about your experiences.

Even if you called when we had a similar program a few weeks ago, please call again. (We didn’t get your permission to use your voice during that program.)

Call beginning at 9 p.m. Central time at 646-378-0424.

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