Newlywed Husband Suddenly Found a “Soul Mate”

women-at-counselingThey were together for a decade before they decided to marry. It was wonderful; he told her how happy he was that she is his wife. They laughed. Had fun. Enjoyed life.

Until the night he told her that he had found his “soul mate” and wanted his wife’s permission to date this amazing new woman in his life.

The wife, of course, was devastated.

She still loves him. She’s trying to find what suddenly went wrong…what she did…what happened…how he could love her so intensely and then, without warning, be “madly in love” with another.

Listen to her story. Hear her pain. Understand her self-doubt. Then hear Dr. Joe Beam explain to her what limerence is. He addresses her concern that she was the problem. He helps her think through what likely happened. Most importantly, he gives her specific suggestions about what she should NOT do if she wants to salvage her marriage and what she MUST do if there is a chance of reconciliation.

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