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How I Saved My Marriage

It’s not exactly a common conversation topic, even among the best of friends. At a typical local coffee shop you might overhear all kinds of home remedies and anecdotal evidence concerning a host of problems...

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How One Couple Saved An “Impossible” Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show

He was “madly in love” with another woman. She wanted to save their marriage. They tried a couple intense potential solutions and then, by agreement, she moved thousands of miles back to her former home leaving him with his lover. It appeared to be hopeless. They informed their kids. They made their plans for separate lives.

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Should I Put Up With This From My Spouse?

Several crucial questions have come in about how to deal with spouses doing destructive things. In this program, we will deal with questions such as: “What do I do if my spouse keeps lying? Are all lies the same? Do I react to all of them the same way? Should I set traps to catch him / her in the lies?” and other such questions that will be answered on this episode of The Joe Beam Show.

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Are You Controlling If You Stand For Your Marriage?

In the process of trying to end the marriage, your spouse is trying to do things that you want no part of. Maybe s/he’s spending time with the “lover” while still living at home. Perhaps s/he’s demanding things from you that you don’t want to give about finances, custody, selling your home, or more.

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When To Let Go Of A Marriage

For many years we’ve been helping people salvage marriages that appeared absolutely hopeless…not only salvage their marriages but make them good again…most better than they were before. That is why Marriage Helper exists. Our purpose...

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