Should I Stay Married After My Spouse’s Affair?

broken-heartHas your spouse cheated?

Are your friends and family urging you to kick your mate out? Punish him or her? Get on with your life?

But you find yourself wondering if that is what you should do.

If your spouse wants to come back, should you allow it? If you do, can you have a good marriage again or will you always have problems with trust…hurt…maybe even self doubt?

If your spouse is “in love” with someone else and doesn’t want to come back, is your marriage over? Is there a way to put it back together? Even if there is, do you have the desire or the strength to go through your pain and make your marriage good again?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam provides the pros and cons of saving a marriage after infidelity. He explains the three types of extramarital affairs. He gives you the primary points to consider in deciding whether to take back a spouse who strayed…or to win back the spouse who is still straying.

Find more information about why people stray, why they sometimes feel that they are “madly in love” with another, why it can be the best thing for your own life to salvage the marriage, and how it can be done when your spouse is sorry and wants to come back…and how it can be done when your spouse is convinced s/he’s in love with someone else and doesn’t want to come back.

Listen to “Why Should I Stay Married After My Spouse’s Affair” on Spreaker.

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