What Do I Do If I Don’t Trust My Husband?

fixing a marriageHe had an affair that nearly ended the marriage. He told her he was sorry. He said he wanted them to try to work things out, but he’s not quite ready to reconcile.

Then he was offered a job in another city. It’s lucrative and he accepted. He comes home every weekend to live with his wife and children. They have a great time. He’s attentive. The kids love his being there. But then the weekend is over and he heads back.

Workable? Maybe. However, there’s a catch. During the week, he doesn’t call, doesn’t take calls, and has no contact whatsoever with his wife or children.

They have great weekends. She wonders and worries about what he’s doing during the week. It’s driving her mad. Is he having another affair? Does he live with some woman over there? What is he doing that prevents him from calling, checking in…or being checked on?

She offered an ultimatum of sorts. “I’ll be gone when you come on the weekends. You and the kids have a great time but I can’t live with not knowing.” He told her that if she did that, he would feel pushed away and would give up on the idea of reconciliation.

Is he manipulating her? Is there something else going on? What should she do? When should she do it?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam plays the recording of her question and then answers in detail. He suggests the things she needs to consider. He explains how to approach her husband in the way most likely to get him to understand and to start communicating during the week. He helps her think about the consequences if he refuses.

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation – in a sort of limbo where the spouse seems to want to save the marriage but also seems not to – this program will help you understand what to do and the possible outcome of various ways of doing it.

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