When is Being a Safe Place for Your Spouse Damaging?

fixing a marriageYou spouse is involved with someone else.

You love your mate and want to save your marriage. You are looking for an effective system that works powerfully in helping people save their marriages. You paid close attention when Dr. Beam explained how to be a safe place for your straying spouse and you have tried to be that person in hopes of salvaging your marriage. You grasped that to allow your spouse to be open and transparent – even about his/her affair partner – can lead in time to the restoration of your marriage…


You’ve discovered that being a safe place isn’t always easy. Allowing, even encouraging, your husband or wife to be open about the affair partner is painful to hear. As a matter of fact, you wonder if it might be doing more harm than good…especially for your own mental, emotional, and physical health.

Should you stop? Is there another way?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam gives a brief overview of the section of the Marriage Helper system about being a safe place. He explains why “If anything will work, this system will.” BUT, he also explains when it is time to stop being a safe place…to understand why sometimes you can’t continue to be the safe place…and how NOT to feel guilty if you stop being the safe place for your spouse.

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