When Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

women-at-counselingGood marriage counselors are worth their weight in gold.

The others…let’s just say they aren’t. (If you’ve had a bad experience with a marriage counselor, you likely already inserted your own negative sentence.)

We hear from thousands of people every year about their marriages. From those who convinced their spouse to go to marriage counseling, we very often hear how the experience hurt their marriage rather than helped.

Is that the fault of the couple or at least one spouse? Obviously, it could be. But could it be the fault of the counselor? Yes.

We hear people say that their counselor told them they should divorce because their problems aren’t solvable. Others say that the counselor told them that s/he will help them figure out how to divorce amicably but there is no need to try to save the marriage because one of them doesn’t want that.

One woman told us that her counselor very early in their sessions told the husband he should divorce her. When the woman confronted the counselor about that advice in a private session, the counselor said that she thought it was the best way to make the husband realize how much he would lose and that maybe then he would come back to the marriage.

Really? How could she think THAT will make things better?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Holmes, Executive Director of Marriage Helper, discuss what to do when marriage counseling doesn’t work or if counseling did more harm to your marriage than good. Also, they give suggestions on how to find the right counselor to help you with your marriage. They also explain the difference in a turn-around intensive and traditional counseling.

For those whose spouse won’t go to marriage counseling, they share suggestions on how to convince your spouse to go with you for marriage help. During the program you may ask your questions or share your comments by calling 646-378-0424.

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