When Should I Divorce?

Do those who fight for marriages ever think that a couple should divorce?


At Marriage Radio, we fight for marriages. Since 1999 we’ve been able to help three out of four married couples in crisis resolve their seemingly insurmountable problems and save their marriages. It’s known around the world that we do all we can to help marriages survive.

Unfortunately, we know that not all marriages will.

So when should one give up, find the attorney, and file for divorce? Is it when your marriage counselor says you should? Our experience says no. Good marriage counselors are worth their weight in gold. Others…well, let’s just say sometimes it appears that some take the easy route and suggest divorce when there are still viable options for saving the marriage and making it good again.

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam and special guest Jim Pourteau discuss how to know when it’s time to call it quits. Both are experienced marriage helpers with a great deal of experience working with couples in crisis. Although they find tremendous fulfillment in helping couples who have no hope find hope, they each realize that sometimes a marriage will end.

To learn the principles about when to end a marriage – if ever – listen to this program.

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