Who To Listen To When Your Marriage Is In Trouble

The moment people hear that your marriage is in trouble, you get deluged with every sort of opinion, recommendation, and idea that people can come up with.

Most of it is bad.

Some of it is motivated by good intentions. However, if the ones who give the advice love you, they most likely aren’t very happy with your spouse. Therefore, their viewpoint is skewed against him/her and very much toward protecting you (and maybe toward damaging your spouse).

Others who aren’t so close think their advice valid because of something they personally experienced or that they witnessed in another. That’s enough for them to make judgments about you, your spouse, and your situation even when they know only a little of what’s actually happening. These folks typically are adamant that you heed their counsel, although in reality their advice often is the OPPOSITE of what you should be doing. If you doubt that, post a problem on Facebook telling only the barest of information and watch how many people will tell you EXACTLY what you should do…

It’s scary…

Even professional counselors may lead you astray IF:

1) Your situation strikes one of their own emotional chords

2) They decide to diagnose your spouse even though they’ve never met him/her (or had only limited exposure)

3) They feel the easiest route to your “happiness” is to divorce rather than to fight to save your marriage

So, who do you listen to?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam and special guest Jim Pourteau discuss an actual occurrence on Facebook. Using it as the example, they explain why people tend to think their advice is valid and why you should be very careful about which advice you take. They guide you to sources that truly can help rather than leading you astray.

If you’re not looking only for people to verify what you WANT to do, but actually seeking help for your marriage problems, listen to this program below.

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