Why Do People File For Divorce?

divorce-619195_640Usually more divorces are filed in January than any other month?

Why do people divorce?

And…since we’re asking…why does anyone file for divorce?

In this episode, Dr. Joe Beam explains the underlying reason for wanting out of a marriage. He shares how various situations and circumstances generally all come back to this one reason.

By understanding the reason, the spouse who doesn’t want the divorce has a better chance of changing things so that the divorce doesn’t happen.

Oh…and Dr. Beam will also explain why January typically is the month most divorces are filed.

You may call during the program to speak with Dr. Beam to ask questions, make comments, or to disagree. All callers are welcome – 646) 378-0424. ALSO SEE: How to reconcile a marriage.

The program begins at 9 p.m. Central time, January 10, 2017.

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