Why Won’t God Answer Prayers for My Marriage?

praying_handsYou’ve prayed. Others have prayed with you and for you. Your children pour out their hearts. Yet, your marriage continues to spiral downward.

Someone on TV tells you that if only you have enough faith, God will do whatever you ask (then s/he asks you for a check to prove your faith).

Well-meaning friends tell you that God is faithful if only you will continue to be…that He will bring about healing for your marriage…and that you should not doubt.

However, time passes, your prayers change from petition to aggravation. Why isn’t God listening? Why isn’t He doing what you ask? As one lady recently said, “I’m done with God. I’ve given Him plenty of opportunity to change my husband and He’s done nothing.”

Can God answer prayers about marriage? Does He? Does He care about your pain? Will He intervene in the messy situations of life in which we find ourselves? Will He change your husband or wife so that they stop doing the things hurting you, your children, your marriage…and even to themselves?

Is God there?

To answer those questions and more, Dr. Joe Beam welcomes special guest Leighann McCoy. Leighann knows about REAL life. She survived cancer. She fought through major difficulties with her family. Leighann also knows God. She is a prayer warrior. She writes great books about prayer, spiritual warfare, especially spiritual warfare and families, and similar topics. (See Books by Leighann) She offers prayer courses – including three new free courses – on her website LeighannMccoy.com. During this program, she joins Dr. Beam to discuss how people in crisis marriages should pray, what they should expect from God in return, and how to deal with God’s answers. LISTEN BELOW:

Suggested Reading


Oh God, Please Teach Me To Pray

by Leighann McCoy

Readers of these books will learn to approach God in honesty through prayer, how to hear His voice through scripture, and be encouraged by examples from the Bible so that she can deal with her own “voices.” BUY NOW | other books

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