3 Things NOT To Do If You Want To Save Your Marriage

You just found out your spouse wants out of your marriage.

You love your spouse. You don’t want the marriage to end.


Before knowing the 3 things you should do to save your marriage, it’s very important to understand 3 key things you should NOT do if you are to have any hope for salvaging your marriage.

Unfortunately, most people do one or more of these three and put their marriage into greater jeopardy. It’s extremely important to know what they are, understand why they cause more problems, and why you should not do them…or stop doing them.

NOTE: This article is being revised and updated…..

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If you love your spouse but s/he does or says any of the following:

– wants out of your marriage

– says s/he no longer loves you…or that s/he never did

– is involved with someone else

– claims s/he just wants to be alone

– is cold and distant

– seems like a different person

– is harsh and angry

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