Can Kids Learn to Love Again After Their Parents’ Divorce?

divorce-156444_1280No matter the age, we hurt deeply when we feel abandoned by someone we thought loved us…or that should have loved us.

The information in this program can be used effectively by an adult dealing with lost love, such as a divorce. It also gives effective directions for helping a spouse…or a potential spouse…risk loving you when deep inside they feel that they cannot trust anyone to always love them.

In this program Dr. Joe Beam and Justin Prince, Program Director for the amazing service to kids What About Me, discuss seven stages kids go through when their parents fight and/or divorce. (Adults often go through the same seven…)

This program gives specific steps and illustrates clearly that path that a parent can take to help his or her children risk loving again. Or help you risk loving again. And show you how to help someone you love trust you enough to love you.

If you have children who have been affected by divorce, parental fighting, or death of a parent, this program is for you.

If you went through these kinds of losses as a child, this program is for you.

If a person you love has trouble loving you because of those kinds of losses, this program is for you.

Suggested Reading by Joe Beam:

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