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How They Survived An Affair

Wonder how affairs happen? Why people become so emotionally connected to the affair partner?

And if there is any hope of ending the affair and saving the marriage?

In this program I interview a couple who survived the wife’s infidelty. She fell head-over-heels in love with another man.… Read More


How To Get Over a Lover –

You were “madly in love” with someone who you weren’t married to but now the affair is over. At least it seems to be over. Part of you wants it over, but another part of you is mourning the relationship. Whether you ended it or the lover did, you continue to struggle with intense emotions.… Read More


An Interview With A Man Who Had An Affair But Decided to Save His Marriage

wedding-rings-171463_1280Tonight’s broadcast is entitled, An Interview with a Man who Had an Affair and Why He Decided to Save His Marriage.

You won’t want to miss tonight’s episode. Whether you have had an affair, or your spouse is the one who has had the affair, now you have the opportunity to listen to a man who recently was involved in an affair but decided to save his marriage.… Read More