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Faith or Fear?

women-at-counselingThere are countless philosophical, religious, business, and self-help books that all point to one age-old wisdom:

If you believe something can happen, it will. If you doubt success, it won’t come. You hear many well meaning Christians say, “Have faith. Believe God will save your marriage and He will.” But…is that really how it works?… Read More


Great Sex In Marriage

hug-642361_1280You may have seen the statistics. One in five marriages are in the “no sex” category. That means they have sex with each other ten times a year or less. Another 15% are in the “low sex” category, which means they have sex with each other 11 to 25 times per year.… Read More


How to Reconcile a Marriage After Major Trouble

wedding-rings-171463_1280(SCROLL DOWN FOR SHOW!) Ready to reconcile your marriage after a major problem? Or maybe you want to know how to reconcile your marriage if you can get past your current problem.

In this program we will talk about how the expectations some have about reconciliation are not the same as the reality of what it will take to reconcile, what happens during reconciliation, and what your relationship will be like after you’ve put your marriage back together.… Read More


The Power of Prayer

Tonight on Marriage Radio, we’re going to talk about a very special subject…and I know not everyone is going to be interested in the topic.

That’s okay.

If you have ever wondered in the middle of your marriage crisis, “Where is God during all of this?”

“Why is God not answering my prayers?”

“Do my prayers even work?”

…then tonight’s radio show is for you.… Read More


How To Know When To Divorce

Divorce isn’t something to be thrown around lightly. Know what you’re doing before you do it. It’s one of the hardest questions you’ll ever struggle with answering.

“How do I know when I should file for divorce?”

You definitely don’t want to file before you need to, but you also don’t know how to respond if your spouse threatens divorce.… Read More


How To Be Attractive

Falling in love starts at the beginning of one path. We call it the Lovepath. And there’s actually a process that happens when people fall in love.

It begins with attraction. But it’s not what you think. There are actually four parts to attraction, and all of them combined lead to how attractive you are to others.  … Read More


Should You Forgive?

Tonight we will be discussing why to forgive and how to forgive. It is a choice…not a feeling. Harboring resentment? Struggling with anger? It’s possible that while you may say you have forgiven, you haven’t truly done so yet.

It might be a parent, a spouse, or a friend that needs to be forgiven so you can move on with life.… Read More


How They Survived An Affair

Wonder how affairs happen? Why people become so emotionally connected to the affair partner?

And if there is any hope of ending the affair and saving the marriage?

In this program I interview a couple who survived the wife’s infidelty. She fell head-over-heels in love with another man.… Read More


Boundaries in Marriage

When should you set a boundary in your relationship? Is setting a boundary the same thing as controlling the other person? Are you entitled to any privacy in marriage? Live, tonight beginning 9 p.m. Central here. Listen on your computer or on your Smartphone by calling (646) 378-0424 after 9 p.m.… Read More


The Joe Beam Show – Boundaries Part 2

bride-690292_1280Tonight on the show Joe Beam discusses when to set boundaries in marriage. How to set them. Why they are important.

Call (646) 378-0424 with your relationship questions!

Post in the comments section below with your thoughts during tonight’s show!

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Joe Beam's Workshop 1

The Joe Beam Show – Open Mic

It’s open mic night on The Joe Beam Show. Whatever questions you have about marriage, relationships, sex, and parenting are welcome as always. Call (646) 378-0424 to ask Joe your questions.

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How To Trust Again

On this episode of The Joe Beam Show, Joe will give you practical help in learning to trust your spouse again after she or he has hurt you. How can you again trust the person who hurt you? How can you get the person you hurt to trust you again?… Read More


The Power of Forgiveness

This episode of The Joe Beam show is about forgiveness and reconciliation. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but there are methods and strategies that can help you do it. Jeff King and Lee Wilson substitute for Joe who is out of town on this powerful episode.… Read More

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