Coach Lee, Relationship Coach and Strategist

Coach Lee is a relationship strategist who helps people get back together with the one they love. That includes dating relationships and marriage.

He is the developer of Emergency Breakup Kit, and the Emergency Marriage Kit, powerful and strategic guides for someone who has been broken up with or who is separated from a spouse.

Lee is an online educator for the TED website and has lectured at several universities including Lipscomb University and Pepperdine University. He has been quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine,, interviewed by USA Today, BravoTV, Men’s Health, Elite Daily, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, AskMen, The Independent, MetroUK, Yahoo Lifestyle, and Bustle, was an on-air contributor to “Give and Take,” a national radio show about relationships that aired in 28 U.S. states, and he has been viewed by multi-millions on YouTube.

Coach Lee’s experience in combination with his level head make him a strategic mastermind to turn to after a breakup or separation.

Often times, your first instincts are the exact wrong thing to do following your significant other or spouse leaving.