How To Get Past An Affair. Don’t End Your Marriage After An Affair!

women-at-counselingMaybe you or your spouse were caught red-handed in the Ashley Madison leak. Maybe the affair came to surface in another way and one of you is asking when to end your marriage because he or she doesn’t know how to get past an affair. How do you know when your marriage should end or if it should. At what point has a line been crossed that warrants an end? When should you end your marriage?

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t run off to the first divorce attorney you can find after learning about your spouse’s affair. You can get past an affair and there are good reasons for you to try.

Should their be consequences to the actions? Yes. Will there be consequences with a hasty divorce? Yes.

Marriage expert Joe Beam (featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox, and many more) will reveal multiple sides of the situation and, perhaps, considerations you haven’t thought of. He can show you how to get past an affair and rebuild your marriage so that it’s affair proof.

Even if your spouse wants to leave you and go to the lover, Joe has a history of being able to help rescue lost love even when the spouse who cheated is madly in love with the other person. Don’t give up, you can get past this and get your spouse back. It doesn’t always happen, but the odds have been on Joe’s side and he reveals that information to you in the program below. Listen to learn how to get past an affair.


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