How One Couple Saved An “Impossible” Marriage – The Dr. Joe Show

bigstock-Sad-woman-on-the-bed-with-her-27565094-1024x682He was “madly in love” with another woman. She wanted to save their marriage. They tried a couple intense potential solutions and then, by agreement, she moved thousands of miles back to her former home leaving him with his lover.

It appeared to be hopeless. They informed their kids. They made their plans for separate lives.

But things changed.

Against apparently impossible odds, he called her and asked if she would consider working things out. She agreed.

It wasn’t all easy. There was work to do. She understood his need to grieve losing the other relationship. He understood her need to work through their issues. Together, they did it. Today they have a good, solid loving marriage.

During this program, Dr. Joe Beam will ask them questions to lead them through their story…but not just the story. He will ask how the wife could be strong enough to understand her husband’s grieving losing what he had with the other woman. He will ask them how their children reacted to being told their marriage was going to end…and how they reacted when they realized their parents were going to make their marriage work. There will be several questions that the couple will answer honestly and forthrightly. However, you, too, can ask specific questions. During the program, you can call in to speak with the couple at (646) 378-0424.

The program airs live on June 28 beginning at 9 p.m. central time HERE. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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