My Straying Spouse Returned But Won’t Do What I Need

Your spouse strayed. Maybe it was another person. Maybe you threw him/her out because of their behavior. Whatever the cause, you’re now trying to make it work again.


You expect total honesty. You demand that s/he talk about the problem. You want to be understood and you want to understand why s/he did the things s/he did. You thought that reconciling would automatically bring about deep conversations, transparency, accountability, and finally a marriage better than it was before.

Are those reasonable expectations?



You see, it’s all about timing.

In this program Dr. Joe Beam and special guest Jim Pourteau discuss that when a couple think they are in reconciliation, many times they are actually in a step before that. No wonder they get frustrated; they’re expectations don’t match their reality.

If you and your spouse are wanting to reconcile – even thinking that you are reconciling – this program will give you insight into what to expect, what NOT to expect, what is okay to demand and which demands may be a deal breaker IF they are made too early.


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