The 3 Things Kids MUST Have to Be Resilient During Separation and Divorce

divorce-156444_1280We hear it all the time, “Kids are resilient!”

But is it true?

If I fall down the stairs and break my leg, will my leg heal?

Actually, no it won’t heal. If I don’t do anything to help my leg heal, then it will only get worse.

If I go to the doctor, get a cast, go to physical therapy, and do all the things necessary for my leg to heal, then yes, it will heal.

Otherwise…you get the picture.

We understand this for every other area of health and wellness in life. But when it comes to thinking about how children are affected during divorce or separation, all of a sudden we expect the children to know exactly what to do to help themselves heal.

And that’s not how it happens.

Can children be resilient? YES. Absolutely.

Will they be resilient on their own? Highly unlikely.

It is up to parents, friends, and family members to help children become resilient.

In this episode, we discuss the 3 must-do’s in helping your child become resilient.

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