Wondering What True Love Is? Watch This.

true-loveAs marriage expert Joe Beam has said, love is not a feeling, it’s a choice. It’s not always pleasant. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes you are making a decision to love a jerk (or a jerkette). The person you love is a mixed bag of good intentions, selfish moments, overreactions, brilliance, stupidity, immaturity, kindness and apathy. No one is perfect. Both husband and wife have understandable reasons and excuses to walk out on the other. But love doesn’t. Love makes the decision to stay and accept the other just as he or she is – flaws and all. In this case, the video below chronicles a husband’s demonstrative love and service to his wife in a situation where she can never repay him. Today’s world says to leave when the fun or passion dips. Many seem to take a vow of loving “in health, for better or not at all” instead of “in sickness AND in health, for better OR for worse.” No. Matter. What. The inspirational video below shows simple, unselfish, true love. Please share this post on social media to help remind the world of the lost art that is LOVE.

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