What To Do When You Don’t Agree

argument-238529_1280Sometimes it makes no difference if you don’t agree with the person you love. Sometimes it does. Especially when your disagreement pulls you apart.

Maybe you disagree about where you live, occupations, religion, money, children, or anything else that matters to you.

On some things you are willing to yield. Not this. It is important to you. So important that you feel your loved one is being selfish, or doesn’t understand you. Important enough that it might destroy the relationship.

Is there a way to find a compromise that satisfies both of you…a solution where neither feels s/he loses…where you each get what you want and no one dominates?


In this program Dr. Joe Beam teaches a method that the two of you can use to solve almost any seemingly insolvable disagreement. The principle isn’t difficult to understand. You can apply it with great effect. To make it even clearer, Dr. Beam gives several examples of how people have used it to find a valid solution to their major disagreements.

You can call Dr. Beam during the program to ask questions about how this principle might be applied to your situation. The number to call during the program is (646) 378-0424.

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