What Would You Like To Know About Marriage?

engagement-637788_1280We usually pick the subjects for each of our programs. However, no matter what the topic is, there are people who wish to talk about things pertinent to their situations RIGHT NOW! that aren’t specifically connected to our subject.

So tonight you get to ask whatever you wish. Intimacy? Yes, we have quite a lot to say about that? Sex? Yep, that, too. How to fight fair? Um-hmm. How to hang in there when there seems to be no hope for a relationship? Yes. How to deal with kids? Even that.

Starting 9 p.m. Central time, Dec 29, 2015, call in your questions or comments LIVE at (646)-378-0424. Or just listen via computer or on your phone by calling that same number. Whatever’s been on your mind….whatever you wanted to ask someone but didn’t know whom to ask….whatever you have been afraid to ask or talk about….THIS is the program where you can finally get your answers.

Relationship expert Joe Beam will be joined by the Executive Director of Marriage Helper, Kimberly Holmes for this lively, informative, and perhaps even controversial program. And if your marriage is in trouble, just by talking with Joe and Kimberly, you will automatically be added to a drawing for half-off registration for the remarkably successful workshop for marriages in trouble.

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