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Our marriage coaching is provided by marriage, relationship, and breakup-recovery experts who can help you to get back together with your husband or wife after a separation or divorce as well as help with limerence addiction.

Known for his genuine demeanor and no-B.S. approach, “Coach Lee” is an experienced and level-headed marriage coach to turn to when the storm is raging in your relationship. After being a marriage consultant with a nonprofit organization for several years, Coach Lee went out on his own to better serve marriages in danger of divorce.

Lee majored in marriage and family at Freed-Hardeman University and Trevecca Nazarene University and holds a Master Diploma in Marriage and Family Counseling. He has lectured at several universities including Pepperdine University, Oklahoma Christian University, and Lipscomb University. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine,, The Today Show Australia, BravoTV, as well as and others. He was an on-air contributor to “Give and Take,” a national radio show about relationships that aired in 28 U.S. states, and he has been viewed by multi-millions on YouTube.

Lee’s experience and strategic mind make him a mastermind to turn to before or after a separation because your first instincts are almost always the wrong thing to do and can actually push your spouse away. Lee is compassionate but is shrewdly strategic and can help you get your spouse back even if you don’t believe there is hope!

Professional Review of Coach Lee’s Marriage Coaching Services

Coach Lee’s work in helping people save their relationships in the acute phases of the separation is unmatched. Through his honest, open, and confident tone he is able to calm the soreness and fears. With his extensive experience after more than 20 years of guiding the separated along the journey to reconciliation, his clients find the strength, tools, and perspective desperately needed to find their way back to the lost loved one. Coach Lee is an exceptional resource and a rare combination of experience, knowledge, and sincerity that helps you find your direction, peace, and way back home. As a client myself, successfully and happily back with my dearest love, I wholeheartedly recommend his workshop if you are ready and determined to rescue your relationship!

-Jason Butler, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Below is Coach Lee’s booking calendar. If his fee is not in your budget, you may book with one of his staff coaches whose caldendars are listed below his.

Note: If Coach Lee’s fee is not in your budget, you may book with either of his staff coaches below.

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Marriage coaching is also to help a relationship last, and can help singles to know when and if marriage is right for them. Whether you are trying to get a spouse back after a separation or wanting to enrich your marriage relationship, this page provides resources for you and your significant other.

Marriage coaching is a powerful resource to help you re-attract a husband or wife. It is effective in cases of conflict while you are living together or during a separation. Coach Lee can even help you in getting back together following a divorce. Schedule your coaching call or session today using the calendars above!