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When Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

women-at-counselingGood marriage counselors are worth their weight in gold.

There are thousands of well-trained individuals out there who work for the couple and not for one individual and who work with ethics in mind—these counselors help both parties with their individual and combined goals in order to help the couple move forward — whatever that may look like.Read More


How To Fix A Marriage

You’ve probably heard it in movies and read it in books. People will ask how to fix a marriage or they’ll say something like, “We’ve got to fix this.”

The goal of this article is not to fixate on the word “fix,” but rather to look at the mindset of using that word and the phrase that is the title of this article.… Read More

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Interesting Questions to Ask Your Spouse or Partner to Build Intimacy

There are many out there who get intimacy mixed up with other healthy relationship “requirements.”

Intimacy is not the same thing as sexuality and is not the same thing as passion.

So what is it?

Intimacy is “in-to-me-see”!

It is truly knowing and trusting your partner; it is being vulnerable around each other; it is absolute commitment and understanding; it is offering up care and compassion in times of need; it is being a “we” and not a “me”; and it is open and honest communication.… Read More


6 Marriage Milestones That Can Help Or Hurt a Couple

bride-690292_12801. Having a Child

The first crisis in most marriages is the birth of their first child.

Though it’s tempting to nurture our children above our marriage, statistics tell us that children in homes with parents in strong marriages are more successful, mentally stable and have more self-esteem on average than children in homes with parents in weak relationships.… Read More


Is Sexual Neglect Unfaithfulness?

in-bedJesus said, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery” (Matthew 19:9, NIV).

The King James Translation of the Bible says, “fornication” where the New International Translation says, “marital unfaithfulness.”… Read More

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The Smart Way To Use The No Contact Rule If You Are Married

If you are married and your spouse has left you, meaning that you are separated or divorced and you want to reunite with your spouse or ex, then the Intelligent Contact Rule is likely going to help you.

Be sure to watch the video above ALL THE WAY THROUGH to help you understand the dynamics involved in interacting and contacting your ex or separated spouse if you have to interact with him or her on a regular basis due to having children together, working together, owning homes, property, or pets together, and other similar situations that prevent you from using the No Contact Rule.… Read More


Are Their Benefits To Having An Affair?

flirting“God will bless us if we divorce our mates and marry each other. It’s right there in the Bible.”

“Really?” I replied. “Please enlighten me.”

He was entangled with a woman at his church. Each was married to someone else, but now both professed undying love and devotion to the other.… Read More


How To Get Over a Lover –

You were “madly in love” with someone who you weren’t married to but now the affair is over. At least it seems to be over. Part of you wants it over, but another part of you is mourning the relationship. Whether you ended it or the lover did, you continue to struggle with intense emotions.… Read More


Great Sex In Marriage

hug-642361_1280You may have seen the statistics. One in five marriages are in the “no sex” category. That means they have sex with each other ten times a year or less. Another 15% are in the “low sex” category, which means they have sex with each other 11 to 25 times per year.… Read More

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How To Teach The One You Love to Lie To You

Hand holding wedding ringWhether it’s done by your best friend, your child, or your spouse, it hurts when we discover that we’ve been lied to, doesn’t it?

No one that I know of likes being deceived. Even in affairs, I often hear the spouse who was cheated on say something such as, “As much as the affair hurt, it hurt me even more that s/he lied to me!”… Read More


Is It A Sin To Refuse Sex To Your Spouse?

fixing a marriage

John and Mary have been married for over 28 years and for the past six years, Mary has refused to have sex with her husband.

She does not seem to have any interest in sex herself nor does she have any desire for pleasing her husband.Read More


When is Being a Safe Place for Your Spouse Damaging?

fixing a marriageYou spouse is involved with someone else.

You love your mate and want to save your marriage. You are looking for an effective system that works powerfully in helping people save their marriages. You paid close attention when Dr. Beam explained how to be a safe place for your straying spouse and you have tried to be that person in hopes of salvaging your marriage.… Read More

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Praying For A Troubled Marriage

praying-troubled-marriageDoes praying for a troubled marriage work to bring back love, intimacy, and commitment with a straying spouse or simply a marriage that is hurting?

There’s a couple of ways to look at this question and possibly more answers to it.… Read More


An Interview With A Man Who Had An Affair But Decided to Save His Marriage

wedding-rings-171463_1280Tonight’s broadcast is entitled, An Interview with a Man who Had an Affair and Why He Decided to Save His Marriage.

You won’t want to miss tonight’s episode. Whether you have had an affair, or your spouse is the one who has had the affair, now you have the opportunity to listen to a man who recently was involved in an affair but decided to save his marriage.… Read More


How They Survived An Affair

Wonder how affairs happen? Why people become so emotionally connected to the affair partner?

And if there is any hope of ending the affair and saving the marriage?

In this program I interview a couple who survived the wife’s infidelty. She fell head-over-heels in love with another man.… Read More

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Could You Be Controlling But Not Realize It?

Many times people exhibit controlling behaviors without realizing it.

controlling in marriageOther times people are controlled and don’t know how to handle it in their marriage or otherwise.

Either way, controlling behavior can lead to a hostile and anxious environment, which is not what you want in a marriage (or anywhere really).… Read More

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Help With Controlling and Dominant Spouses


One of the most common reasons for major marital discord is a spouse who feels controlled, disrespected, or dominated by the other.

Interestingly, the dominating spouse often doesn’t believe s/he is being controlling.

No one wants to be treated as a child, especially by the person that is supposed to be our partner…our equal…our mate.Read More

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My Spouse Says I’m Controlling

Whether you are controlling, someone is claiming you are but you disagree, or you are being controlled in a relationship, there is something going on that needs to be fixed in your marriage.

No one wants to be controlled, yet everyone’s view point on what ‘controlling’ actually means can differ based on past experience, the specific situation, and thoughts and opinions about what is going on.… Read More

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Love Is Blind couples’ feelings ‘won’t last’, according to expert

Note from Coach Lee: The title of Metro’s interview with me suggests that I didn’t think any of the cast from Love Is Blind will make it, but that’s not what I think.

My main assertion is that the setup of the highly entertaining show places the couples in a position to experience what is known as limerence and that marrying during that time is a risky proposition that could end up being difficult for them as limerence fades without them having a history, experiences, or real-life situations together beyond conversation.Read More

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The Power of Prayer

In the video above, Coach Lee talks about a very special subject…and not everyone is going to be interested in the topic.

That’s okay.

If you have ever wondered in the middle of your marriage crisis, “Where is God during all of this?”… Read More

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3 Prayers About Love God Won’t Answer

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through for Coach Lee’s thoughts on prayers for hurting marriages.

Have you ever prayed about love? Perhaps something that you wanted to happen. Maybe something you didn’t want to happen.

It might have been about a specific person, either someone you already have a relationship or marriage with or that you want a relationship or marriage with.… Read More

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What Is Gaslighting?


Gaslighting is a kind of psychological manipulation in which a person, sometimes acting with others, sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual, causing that person to question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them changes such as low self-esteem.… Read More


When and How To Move On From a Marriage

If your spouse has left you for another person, is wanting a different lifestyle than you and is not around, has filed for divorce, or you have already divorced and are having trouble moving on…how do you move on and how do you know it is time?Read More