Marriage Trouble Evaluation and Quiz

Marriage Evaluation and Quiz the Health of My Marriage.

The quiz and evaluation provided below is designed for marriages facing significant challenges, such as those on the brink of divorce, currently separated, or dealing with infidelity. Its purpose is to assess the probability of the marriage’s survival and the willingness of the partner who has strayed to commit to resolving issues. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will find guidance below on how to understand your scores and suggestions for next steps.

Understanding Your Marriage Quiz, Evaluation, Assessment Results

Score Interpretation and Guidance:

45% or Lower: Scoring 45% or lower on the marriage evaluation indicates your relationship is facing a deep crisis. Seeking professional assistance is vital to potentially rescue your marriage. We highly recommend exploring Coach Lee’s Relationship Reignite workshop, tailored for such critical situations.

46% – 75%: A score within the 46%-75% range signals that your marriage is at risk of ending in divorce. Immediate action is necessary. To aid in this, we suggest Coach Lee’s free mini-course on saving your marriage. This resource can help prevent further harm and may initiate healing in your relationship.

76% – 90+%: Achieving a score between 76%-90% on the Marriage Assessment suggests you are experiencing challenges, yet there is a strong foundation for recovery. Your marriage is likely resilient enough to work through these issues with appropriate strategies and tools. We suggest Coach Lee’s free mini-course to ensure that difficulties don’t turn into damage to your marriage.

Disclaimer: This quiz and online marriage evaluation is based on research-informed data to produce your score and findings. However, please note that we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The marriage quiz is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Outcomes can differ for each individual. For personalized advice and before making any decisions based on the quiz’s suggestions, it’s important to consult with a qualified professional.