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Save my marriage when my spouse wants to divorce. 0

Can Separation Save Your Marriage?

If your marriage is in crisis, get Coach Lee’s Free Mini-Course To Save Your Marriage!

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In this thought-provoking presentation, Coach Lee delves into a profound question that frequently occupies the minds of couples grappling with difficulties: “Can separation save my marriage from divorce?”… Read More

Does No Contact Work For Marriage? 0

Will No Contact Work To Get My Husband Or Wife Back?

Does the No Contact Rule work for marriages who are separated or where one spouse wants a divorce?

Can you save your marriage with the No Contact Rule?

In the video above and this post relationship expert Coach Lee discusses whether the No Contact Rule can help to get a husband or wife back in marriages that are in danger of divorce or separation (or are already separated).… Read More


Mid-Life Crisis Symptoms, Signs, and How to Save Your Marriage


When you picture someone going through a midlife crisis, you may picture the stereotypical things such as a man buying a new sports car, getting hair implants, or changing up his wardrobe for a more young and modern look.

You may also envision a woman getting plastic surgery in order to look more youthful, finding a younger man to please her, or getting a new hair color.… Read More


How to Reconnect After a Major Relationship Problem

in-bedNot every relationship or marriage has a major meltdown.

But when it happens, how do you put things back together?

How do you get past the hurt? The broken trust? The fear that something else is coming – especially when one partner developed a deep emotional relationship with someone else, but has decided to try to make your relationship work again.… Read More