Author: Coach Lee

Can our marriage be saved? 0

Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage is a profound journey that can brings two individuals together by promising love, companionship, and support.

However, even the strongest bonds can face challenges that test the foundation of the relationship.

When difficulties arise, it’s natural to question, “Can my marriage be saved?”… Read More

How long does limerence last? 0

How Long Does Limerence Last?

Limerence, a term coined in the late 20th century by psychologist Dorothy Tennov, describes a state of intense romantic obsession with another person, often characterized by intrusive thoughts, a desperate desire for reciprocation, and emotional dependency.

This powerful emotional experience can lead individuals on a rollercoaster of highs and lows, significantly impacting their daily lives and emotional well-being.… Read More

Limerence addiction and treatment. 0

What Is Limerence Addiction? And How To Know If You Have It

Limerence is an intense, often overwhelming, emotional state characterized by intrusive thoughts, a desperate longing for reciprocation of one’s feelings, and an emotional dependence on another person.

When this condition escalates into an addiction, it transcends mere infatuation or a crush, becoming a significant emotional disturbance that affects the individual’s daily functioning and well-being.… Read More