3 Prayers About Love God Won’t Answer

Be sure to watch the video above all the way through for Coach Lee’s thoughts on prayers for hurting marriages.

Have you ever prayed about love? Perhaps something that you wanted to happen. Maybe something you didn’t want to happen.

It might have been about a specific person, either someone you already have a relationship or marriage with or that you want a relationship or marriage with.

It might have been about a specific situation…something that you have a strong desire to have…or to avoid.

From a multitude of postings found on Facebook to thousands of conversations over the years, Coach Lee speaks on his observations of the results of prayers prayed for struggling marriages.

No, Coach Lee doesn’t claim to speak for God. Yet, he’s convinced that some of what is claimed about how God intervenes in the love and relationships of people leads only to false hope…and, eventually, disappointment.

Coach Lee believes that God answers prayers…but not all prayers. Especially some that people pray about love and relationships.

Is this a video to take away hope?


It is a message about how to have hope that is real; that is possible. To live by genuine faith if you have faith. To face reality. To know what to do rather than expecting God to do it for you.

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