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How To Be Attractive

Falling in love starts at the beginning of one path. We call it the Lovepath. And there’s actually a process that happens when people fall in love.

It begins with attraction. But it’s not what you think. There are actually four parts to attraction, and all of them combined lead to how attractive you are to others.  … Read More


Kevin Bacon Reveals the Secret to a Lasting Hollywood Marriage

With celebrity marriages melting down faster than an ice cream cone in the Hollywood heat this summer, finding an A-list couple that’s been together longer than a decade is increasingly rare.

Kevin Bacon and wife Kyra Sedgwick have beaten the odds so far with almost 27 years of marriage under their belts, and when ET caught up with the actor on Tuesday at the junket for his latest film, police thriller “Cop Car,” he spilled his secret to a long-lasting Hollywood union.… Read More


Boundaries in Marriage

When should you set a boundary in your relationship? Is setting a boundary the same thing as controlling the other person? Are you entitled to any privacy in marriage? Live, tonight beginning 9 p.m. Central here. Listen on your computer or on your Smartphone by calling (646) 378-0424 after 9 p.m.… Read More

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