You *Can* Get Your Ex Back … If You’re Willing to Do This

You’ve just been dumped by the love of your life.

You can’t stop crying, shaking and pleading for a magic potion to help you win their love back. Is that even a possibility?

“’Can I get my ex back’ is the most common question I get after a breakup,” says relationship coach Lee Wilson, founder of “I tell people if the relationship was good and there wasn’t a lot of arguing and bickering, the door is most likely open to getting an ex back — if you do the right things going forward.”

Ready for that magic?

All you have to do is follow the “No Contact” rule – which means having no interaction with your ex immediately after the breakup.

Need further elaboration?

No texts asking him to pick up what he’s left at your apartment. No checking her social media on a daily basis.

No leaving voice messages reminding your ex how happy you were together and how you’ll change.

Yes, ‘No Contact’ means leave them the heck alone.

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Coach Lee

Coach Lee helps people save marriages from divorce. No matter the situation, there is hope with the appropriate response. Rely on Lee's 22 years of experience in working with couples in troubled relationships.

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