Mental Health Counseling for Heartbreak: Real Dangers of Lost Love

There seems to be a growing trend in the world of Psychology which overlaps into an area that sadly has always been a trend in the world throughout time…heartbreak.

If you’re old enough to read this article, chances are you’re old enough to know the pain I’m talking about.

It’s the kind of miserable ache that millions of songs, poems, letters, movies, and Hallmark Channel special presentations have been built around for centuries. As the saying goes, it’s a story (and pain) as old as time, the agony of having someone break your heart.

Yet as many words and cheesy movie scenes as nearly all of us have experienced in our lifetime, that unique agony has always remained something of a mystery in many ways. For example, the majority of people would consider it an emotional wound for the most part, but very few would argue it can’t leave you physically devastated in endless way.

How many nights sleep have been lost to that torment of replaying the key moments in lost relationships on the movie screen of our minds. Watching the best and worst scenes on a maddening endless loop, trying to freeze, erase, or delete scenes we wish we could relive or rewrite completely.

Those nights not only have massive physical impact on our hours of sleep, which min turn impact exhaustion, but they play a role in skyrocketing other “never fun” conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, dehydration (lots of tears requires a lot of water), loss of appetite, fatigue, and overall drop in self esteem.

There have even been multiple articles and news stories written in the last few years explaining the possibility of extreme cases being fatal when causing conditions such as stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The theory behind the belief in heartbreak actually breaking a functioning heart being that certain hormones and physical reactions which many researchers believe go along with significant life events…

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Coach Lee

Coach Lee helps people save marriages from divorce. No matter the situation, there is hope with the appropriate response. Rely on Lee's 22 years of experience in working with couples in troubled relationships.

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