What Is ‘Limerence’ (Feeling Madly In Love)?

couple_sunset2Questions continue to come in about limerence. Limerence is the state of feeling “madly in love” with another. Millions of marriages are in crisis because either wife or husband has fallen into a state of limerence with someone else. Sometimes it is only emotional in nature. Most of the time it also becomes sexual.

Although Dr. Beam regularly explains and discusses limerence on the program, the questions continue to come in droves. In this program he answers more of those questions and concerns. He also takes calls live from those who wish to ask about their specific situation and marriage.

Dr. Beam will cover some of the basic information such as:

– What is limerence?

– How does it happen?

– How does it affect the person who is in it?

– Why does it lead people to leave their spouses?

As well as more specific questions such as:

– When will it end?

– Is there a way to know whether my spouse is starting to come out of limerence with someone else?

– Is there anything I can do to help my spouse come out of limerence?

-Is there a cure?

And even for those who are in limerence:

– Is there any way I can take control of my emotions again?

– Why shouldn’t I leave my marriage for the person that I’m in love with?

PLUS specific questions about limerence from callers. Listen to this prerecorded show below.

Suggested Reading:

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