Why This Wife Chose To Remarry Her Husband – An Interview With Alice Beam

Hand holding wedding ringTonight on The Joe Beam Show, guest host Lee Wilson interviews Alice Beam about why she chose to remarry Joe, how she could forgive him and how she could trust him again.

Listeners who might be struggling with a similar issue will learn:

  • What led to their divorce
  • What she did during their divorce that improved their chances of reconciliation
  • How she knew if she could trust him or not
  • What they had to do differently in the “new marriage.”
  • What new (and old) obstacles came up after they remarried
  • How Alice would encourage those who would easily give up on their marriage
  • How she was able to forgive
  • and Alice will be answering other questions as well at tonight, April 21st, at 9 PM Central. Listen below and call in at (646) 378-0424

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