When Does No Contact Start To Work On A Spouse? The No Contact Rule For Marriage Separation

When does no contact start working?

When will no contact start to work on your husband or wife during separation?

If those are your questions, Coach Lee speaks in detail about this topic in this powerful video.

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In other videos, relationship strategist Coach Lee speaks about stages that your ex will go through after a breakup when you have implemented the no contact rule.

In this video he talks about marriages in crisis and when the no contact rule starts working during separation.

He also discusses when it usually has the most influence on your husband or wife.

Does The No Contact Rule Work On Marriages?

As Lee has discussed in other videos, the no contact rule is often an effective way of getting your straying spouse to miss you, and often to want to get back together with you if they have physically left you because they feel they don’t want to be married anymore. However, it’s not a long-term plan but more of a stop gap and show of emotional strength to your spouse. This can be necessary to let the air clear, for emotions to be calmed, and so that they know you can respect their wishes.

It is important that you stay strong and believe in the process even though it is difficult and others might tell you to reach out.

No contact will often bring results with your husband or wife when they lose the ability to expect you to reach out and when they begin experiencing feelings of loss.

This often causes them to feel they must take matters into their own hands by reaching out to you.

At the separation, the person who was left usually feels the most loss while the person who did the leaving doesn’t feel as much, if any.

When you use the no contact rule, you turn the tables on your spouse so that they feel you slipping away from them.

Ideally, no contact will have them fearing that they could lose you forever to someone else or because you get over them.

If you stay in contact with them after they have left and say that they no longer want the marriage, they will see you as always being there, waiting around on them, and a permanent option if they ever want you back.

The No Contact Rule changes that to where your spouse sees that you have the strength to stay away from them and to possibly move on with your life.

This is how you can introduce the fear of loss into the separation for your straying spouse.

Doing so significantly increases the odds of them coming back to you or at least reconsidering their decision to leave.

This is true even in cases of infidelity or when your spouse believes that he/she wants to be with someone else.

This does not mean that you treat your spouse coldly or impolitely when you interact with them.

Coach Lee has a video about how to use no contact in a situation where you must interact with the other person as you might if you have children with them, work with them, or own things together that require interaction.

That video is about the smart way to use no contact when you are married.

I’m not saying that it’s good if a husband won’t talk to his wife or if a wife won’t talk to her husband.

The no contact rule can work to restore a marriage or to re-attract a straying spouse, but only if your separated spouse is able to see the potential of some progress and some positives for him or her in returning.

If, for example, you are cold, rude, or spiteful toward a separated spouse, there isn’t much motivation for them to return because they would assume that life with you will result in them being punished for leaving.

If your spouse believes that they will eternally be punished, given the cold shoulder, or neglected, what motivation does he/she have to return to you?

Not much.

In fact, people are often surprised to learn that this is exactly what prevents them from re-attracting their spouse – the straying spouse believes that only negatives await them if they return to you.

So while the No Contact Rule is an important part of re-attracting your spouse, treating them coldly is not.

That means that you don’t ignore your spouse, insult, belittle, or lecture him/her about the relationship.

If you don’t want to get back together with your spouse, then do whatever you wish.

But if you want the marriage to be restored, it’s important that your spouse not feel that coming back to you will only result in punishment and negatives for them.

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Navigating No Contact in Marriage: A Path to Clarity or Further Division?

When we think of the ‘no contact rule,’ it’s often associated with the world of dating, a method to regain power and perspective after a breakup.

But what happens when this rule is applied within the confines of a marriage, particularly one teetering on the edge of divorce?

The Pandemic as a Relationship Pressure Cooker

The 2020 pandemic brought many married couples face to face with underlying tensions that were previously diffused by daily routines and distractions.

The New York Times as well as USA Today interviewed me during this time when marriages that were already on shaky ground found themselves under an intense microscope.

I shared with them much of what I share in this article.

For some, the constant proximity became the straw that broke the camel’s back, pushing them to reconsider the future of their relationship.

No Contact Rule During Separation: A Breather or a Break?

In the context of marriage, especially when one is considering divorce or in the throes of separation, the no contact rule can seem like a tempting clean slate.

It’s proposed as a time to let the emotional dust settle, to reflect without the constant interaction that might be fueling the fire.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution nor is it for every separation situation.

The idea is to step back, to give both partners space to breathe and think clearly about what they want and need from the marriage.

Intelligent Contact: A Strategic Alternative During Separation

Instead of completely cutting off contact, I suggest a modified approach, especially for married couples.

This method, known as ‘Intelligent Contact’ or ‘Strategic Contact,’ involves maintaining necessary communication during separation, particularly if there are shared responsibilities like children, finances, or property.

The goal is to keep interactions civil, practical, and non-emotional, avoiding the push and pull of relationship debates while still acknowledging the connection that exists.

The Importance of Clarity and Intent

Before stepping into a no contact phase, it’s crucial to understand the intention behind it.

It’s not about manipulation; it’s about clarity and perspective.

The no contact rule in marriage carries its own set of risks and rewards.

On one hand, it can provide the necessary distance for emotional wounds to begin healing, for resentments to cool, and for individuals to miss the person that they insisted they wanted to separate from.

On the other, it has the potential to create a further sense of alienation and finality if not handled with care and mutual respect.

That’s why I oftne repeat myself about the need to have some contact and not to ignore your spouse when he or she reaches out during separation.

Moving Forward with Caution and Hope

For those considering this path, it’s about more than just silence.

It’s about using the time apart to work on oneself, to understand the root causes of marital strife, and it requires a delicate balance of heart and mind, hope and realism.

As couples navigate the tricky waters of separation, divorce, or reconciliation, the no contact rule should be considered a tool, not a solution.

It’s a means to gain the perspective needed to make informed decisions about the future, whether that means rekindling the relationship or parting ways with respect and understanding.

Like any tool, its effectiveness depends on how it’s used, requiring thoughtfulness, clarity, and, most importantly, a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of your marriage relationship.

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