When Your Someone Special Asks For Space

couple needing spaceIt can be so difficult to hear when coming from someone you love.

It’s confusing, hurtful, and sends a wave of panic through our stomachs. It’s the “I need space,” speech.

Often times they won’t make eye contact when they ask and it’s difficult to read them. Is this what they think is an easy way to break up with you? Are they thinking space might help bring back the feelings they once had? Are they no longer attracted to you?

Those questions race through your mind and you might even ask some of them.

When someone asks for space, it’s so important that we allow them that. In my article, Don’t Panic After Being Dumped, I talk about how you don’t have to get your ex back right now in order to get them back. In fact, if you try to force things to happen quickly, you are almost certainly pushing your ex further away.

When someone that we care about is pulling away, even if they tell us that it will only be temporary, we MUST allow them that space. Not only is that the best way to get them back, but it’s also our only option. Anything else will push them away. full story

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Coach Lee

Coach Lee helps people save marriages from divorce. No matter the situation, there is hope with the appropriate response. Rely on Lee's 22 years of experience in working with couples in troubled relationships.

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