The Smart Way To Use The No Contact Rule If You Are Married

If you are married and your spouse has left you, meaning that you are separated or divorced and you want to reunite with your spouse or ex, then the Intelligent Contact Rule is likely going to help you.

Be sure to watch the video above ALL THE WAY THROUGH to help you understand the dynamics involved in interacting and contacting your ex or separated spouse if you have to interact with him or her on a regular basis due to having children together, working together, owning homes, property, or pets together, and other similar situations that prevent you from using the No Contact Rule.

Coach Lee explains what he calls the Strategic or Intelligent Contact rule and details why it is the smart way to use the No Contact Rule if you are wanting to re-attract your ex after he or she has left you.

This modified no-contact rule is also useful if you see this person on a regular or semi-regular basis and are wondering what the rules of engagement should be with him or her.

This strategy of modified no contact is effective for individuals who were left by the other and want to get back together with them.

However, if you were the one to break up or leave the other, you should not use any type of No Contact Rule but should, instead, initiate contact with this person, apologize for leaving, express regret, and ask him or her to take you back.

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