Ditch Your Rules, This Is How To Get Your Ex Back

Relationship expert, Coach Lee says he has over 4,000 physical clients in a year, wanting to get back with an ex.

Since Lee branded himself as an ‘Ex Coach’ 12 years ago, he’s being taking 14 calls each day from people who have been broken up with who want to get their ex back.

Lee reckons that getting all up in your exes face is gonna make them hate you.

He says, ‘I always tell people who come to me that you need to give the other person space and that means not texting them and not constantly trying to contact them, telling them how much you miss them.

‘Your absence is power. Let them go and tell them that you respect the decision to end things and then let that person start to miss you and notice that you’re not there any more.”

Listen to the interview with Coach Lee below. You can also schedule a marriage coaching call with Lee or get more information on his Emergency Breakup Kit.

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Coach Lee

Coach Lee helps people save marriages from divorce. No matter the situation, there is hope with the appropriate response. Rely on Lee's 22 years of experience in working with couples in troubled relationships.

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