My Spouse Says I’m Controlling

Are you controlling?


Or is your spouse trying to manipulate you? S/he claims you’re controlling because you’re an obstacle to him or her doing whatever they wish.

Maybe there’s a combination. You have been controlling and now your spouse is using that to manipulate you into inaction by accusing you of being controlling now.

If you are controlling, eventually that behavior will destroy your marriage.

If you’re being manipulated, backing off on a matter could make a clear path for your spouse to hurt you.

If you have been controlling, but now you feel you must take a stand to stop your spouse from doing things detrimental to your marriage, stopping your stand might be the worst thing you can do.

So…how do you know?

What do you do?

When do you back off and when do you take your stand?

In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains what control in a relationship is. He discusses why people control and how they can stop controlling. He also points out that sometimes there needs to be control…even if in the past your controlling behavior led to a current unpleasant situation.

Finally, Dr. Beam explains step by step how a person who has damaged his or her relationship with a spouse (or children) by controlling can overcome that and renew relationship…even save a marriage.

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