Love Is Blind couples’ feelings ‘won’t last’, according to expert

Note from Coach Lee: The title of Metro’s interview with me suggests that I didn’t think any of the cast from Love Is Blind will make it, but that’s not what I think.

My main assertion is that the setup of the highly entertaining show places the couples in a position to experience what is known as limerence and that marrying during that time is a risky proposition that could end up being difficult for them as limerence fades without them having a history, experiences, or real-life situations together beyond conversation.

Couple this with with “I love you,” being said so early that when they look back on it, the couples might wonder if they really “earned,” it and if it was too soon and doubt could start to creep in.

Basically, it’s not ideal to get married one month after meeting each other. But based on my observation of the show, having watched the entire first season, I believe that the marriages that resulted from it will last and that they are very good for each other.

I think that’s because of who they are in spite of the show’s set up. I wish them all the very best of happiness.

Coach Lee

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind contestants might not be in love (Picture: Netflix)

Netlix recently sent us down a rabbit hole of reality show chaos when they released the first few episodes of Love Is Blind. The concept is simple, but completely insane.

Our new favourite binge-watch follows thirty single (and so very ready to mingle) men and women hoping to marry.

For 10 days – yes only 10 days – the singles hunt for their forever loves without ever seeing each other, speaking to each other in pods separated by a thin wall.

And of course, they’re given an unlimited supply of alcohol to help them open up about their deepest regrets and biggest dreams, resulting in a connection like no other.

Finally, they get to propose to the love of their life (who they met days before), resulting in us reeling on our living room couches wondering how anyone could fall in love that quickly.

Relationship expert Lee Wilson finds the concept as baffling as most of us do, and hopes the coming season, as well as the potential UK season, would have producers helping contestants understand that what they’re feeling might not be real love. Read more:

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